Delivery Information

Delivery Information



Your products are shipped when your order is approved according to the stock status. The cargo is sent to the buyer with the cargo we have contracted. In order for your order to be approved, the price of the purchased products must be paid by credit card, money order or payment at the door.

Returns and Warranty:

Refunds and order cancellation:
- If all parts purchased from Boiler Spare Part store are presented, they can be returned within seven days provided that the old form and package are not damaged and the return shipping costs are paid by the customer.

- The basic rule of returning and ordering is that the original packaging of the products is absolutely and in no way intact and the invoice of the product must be presented. ships the products with an outer packaging that will not spoil their original packaging. The customer is responsible for protecting the original packaging of the product in returns and cancellations. (Removes the shipping conditions, extra tape etc. return conditions stuck on the product's packaging.)

- Despite the possibility of being subject to return, the bookshops should open from the folded parts of the products in a way not to damage the packaging delivered to them.

- Products that are provided specifically for the customer and are not in stock are not returned.

- The product whose invoice is not submitted is not returned. If the invoice is issued on behalf of a trading company, the return invoice must be issued.

- for all returns. This e-mail address is protected against spam bots, Javascript must be open in order to be able to see, and e-mail must be given.

Products deteriorated under warranty:

- The warranty of the product is 6 months in spare parts.
- The warranty condition of the products that are broken under the warranty is to submit the invoice of the product. Prepaid products cannot be covered by the warranty.

- A product you bought from within the warranty period; If it is broken due to the sold piece, it is taken back. Instead, it is given from the same product according to the customer request or the price of the part is returned to the customer. Boiler Spare Part may request time to determine if the problem occurred due to the sold part. This period cannot exceed 30 business days. After determining that the problem has occurred due to the part, may request time from the customer for a refund. This period cannot exceed 30 business days. The misuse of the part or the apparatus, assembly or uses other than the original features of the vehicle are not covered by the warranty.
- The warranty period begins on the date the product leaves the Boiler Spare Part tanks.

- General rules

- The customer must notify Boiler Spare Part until 3 days after the item is received, if you have ordered the wrong product or received the wrong product. Otherwise, the part is deemed to have been accepted.
- The conditions written in the warranty document of the supplier or manufacturer of the goods related to the return of the goods and the warranty period terminate the positive or negative conditions here.