Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy,

Boiler Spare Parts is not an authorized service of any boiler brand. It sells the products sold by importing them from abroad. Boiler Spare Parts respects the privacy of personal information of site visitors. While browsing the site, it does not collect your information except for personal information that you intentionally and willingly provide in order to contact, consult or receive offers. Personal information collected from you will also be used to contact you and to submit a proposal. Boiler Spare Parts accepts and undertakes that it will not share this information with third parties and companies in any way.

With the website you are currently visiting, Boiler Spare Parts also monitors statistically site visits, total visits, number of visitors to each page of the site, and domain names of visitors' Internet service providers. No personal information is used in this process.

"Cookies" are used on the Boiler Spare Parts Web page. When you enter a website, the icon that the server gives to your browser is called a "cookie". Cookies can store a wide variety of data types. Cookies increase the functionality of a site and help you analyze the usage of the site more accurately. Cookies never collect personal information unless you have your explicit consent.

Outbound links are available through the Boiler Spare Parts site. The outgoing links will be opened on the new page. Boiler Spare Parts is not responsible for the content on the pages that these links reach.